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Fertile Glens of Ainerêve

Fertile Glens of Ainereve cover

Author: Peter Schaefer
Artist: Richard Cross
18 pages.

This is a supplement to the Eldritch Role-Playing Core Rules (Revised). Fertile Glens are magical valleys in the vast Forest of Meath in the world of Ainerêve. There is a strange sentience permeating these places, intelligence and awareness infused with the land. A shee lord or demon gaining knowledge of its secret name can shape the area to conform to its whims and desires. Thus powerful creatures form a symbiotic relationship with Fertile Glens, forming incredible places ranging from the beautiful to the outright horrifying. Two such places are described herein, each quite different from the other: The House on the Hill, ruled by a benevolent crone and her talking animal friends, and The Torturous “Citymind” of Dys, where few adventurers survive.

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