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The Harvester of Souls

Harvester of Souls cover

Adventure Module
Author: Eric Bergeron
Artist: Eric Bergeron
33 pages.

The town of Poisson is small but important in Psarmorum, renowned for the quality of its fish trade as well as its abundant crops and fertile soil. But recently, despair has crept into the hearts of the people of Poisson. The town's prosperity is threatened by the deaths and disappearances of its people along the outskirts of town, most of them farmers. The demonic fiend known as the “Harvester of Souls” now roams the land and it must be dealt with haste for fear that it gains back its full strength and power, becoming stronger and stronger as time goes by. Great reward awaits those who travel to the crypt that houses the magic sword that can destroy the monster. Are you heroic enough to fetch the sword and slay the fiend? If so great riches and fresh arable land await you!

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